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dump_tweets.R a tool for saving tweets and user data to a database


dump_tweets.R is a tool for  searching tweets and (recursively) crawl users from twitter:

Data are then saved to a MySQL database and can finally be exported to .RData files

dump_tweets.R is sponsorized by Associazione Rospo





Rscript search.R -q “#opensource”

2014-01-20 20:53:43 INFO::Connecting to TWITTER…
2014-01-20 20:53:43 INFO::Connecting to database=twitter, host=localhost with user=root
2014-01-20 20:53:43 INFO::using UTF8 code
2014-01-20 20:53:43 INFO::Searching for q=#opensource, sinceID=0
2014-01-20 20:53:57 INFO::Found 191 tweets
2014-01-20 20:53:57 INFO::maxID=425355265857187841
2014-01-20 20:53:57 INFO::Saving data to tweet table…
2014-01-20 20:53:58 INFO::saving data to search_results table…