Howto export Oracle Essbase databases with MaxL / essmsh commands


essbase@olap-server:~> /opt/essbase/Oracle/Middleware/EPMSystem11R1/products/Essbase/EssbaseServer/templates/

 Essbase MaxL Shell 64-bit - Release 11.1.2 (ESB11.
 Copyright (c) 2000, 2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates.
 All rights reserved.

MAXL> login Hypadmin mypassword on;

 OK/INFO - 1051034 - Logging in user [Hypadmin@Native Directory].
 OK/INFO - 1241001 - Logged in to Essbase.

MAXL> export database P_BSO.Plan1 level0 data to data_file 'ExpLev0_P_BSO.Plan1';

 OK/INFO - 1054014 - Database Plan1 loaded.
 OK/INFO - 1051061 - Application P_BSO loaded - connection established.
 OK/INFO - 1054027 - Application [P_BSO] started with process id [60396].
 OK/INFO - 1019020 - Writing Free Space Information For Database [Plan1].
 OK/INFO - 1005031 - Parallel export completed for this export thread. Blocks Exported: [2013908]. Elapsed time: [312.35]..
 OK/INFO - 1005002 - Ascii Backup Completed. Total blocks: [2.01391e+06]. Elapsed time: [312.35]..
 OK/INFO - 1013270 - Database export completed ['P_BSO'.'Plan1'].


/opt/essbase/Oracle/Middleware/EPMSystem11R1/products/Essbase/EssbaseServer/templates/ -u Hypadmin -p mypassword -s localhost backup-databases.msh

with a file backup-databases.msh like

export database P_BSO.Plan1 level0 data to data_file 'ExpLev0_P_BSO.Plan1';


BUT if you need to export both metadata and data, you should run the command

MAXL> alter database P_BSO_D.Plan1 force archive to file 'P_BSO_D.Plan1.arc';