Strategico is opensource engine for running statistical analysis over groups of time series.

Try the Online Demo system for Long Term Prediction with your own Time Series

(thanks to the Rante and R.O.S.P.O communities)

Strategico can manage one or more groups (projects) of time series: by default you can get data from a database or csv files, normalize them and then save them inside the engine.

The first statistical analysis we have implemented inside Strategico is the “Long Term Prediction“: it automaticaly finds the best model that fits each time series. Some of the models implemented are …

Strategico is scalable: the statistical analysis over each time series (of a project) can be run separately and independently: we suggest you to setup an HPC Cluster (High Performance Computing) and/or using a resource scheduler like slurm.

Strategico is developed with R, one of the most famous statistical software. Below an high level architecture of Strategico engine

Strategico sources are hosted

at google code