Strategico 3.0 has been released!

Strategico is an opensource tool for  making forecasts and Long Term Predictions  over a (huge) set of time series

Strategico is written with R, the most famous and used  Statistical programming language


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Oracle’s comprehensive big data strategy includes NoSQL, Hadoop, and R analytics

“Oracle’s planned distribution of the open-source R statistical environment will be adapted for use on large-scale data within the Oracle database, rather than on desktops and laptops where analysts typically use the software. Oracle R Enterprise will run existing R applications and it will use the R client directly against data stored in Oracle Database 11g. This will vastly increase scalability, performance, and security, according to Oracle, along with the promise of software support. Oracle will ship the open-source distribution along with Linux. Separate R packages with database-specific extensions for Oracle 11g will be bundled with that database”. Taken from an Informationweek article.

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