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FirefoxOS on my Sony Xperia Live with Walkman (LWW)

[update 2013-11-06] how to install FireFoxOS 1.3

Unlock your phone,

download “flashtool” tool

download latest FireFoxOS build from here

flash boot.img included in the zip

copy the zip to the sdcard

boot in recovery mode and flash the zip

good lucks… 😉


First look at FirefoxOS on my Sony XPERIA 2011 Live With Walkman (LWW, wt19i, coconut) following suggestions from

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Dump_tweets.R: how to collect interesting tweets

Do you need a simple R script for incremental downloading all tweets related an hashtag (or any words) and saving them to a database? If yes, look at dump_tweets.R project: feel free to clone my repository and push any fixes or new features


./dump_tweets.R –db /var/www/dump_tweets.R –add mysearches.csv

./dump_tweets.R –db /var/www/dump_tweets.R –show

./dump_tweets.R –db /var/www/dump_tweets.R

./dump_tweets.R –db /var/www/dump_tweets.R –remove opensource