Ruby-wg is a opensource scalable and reliable wordlist generator written in Ruby. It uses a Stomp broker (like vmware RabbitMQ or Apache ActiveMQ) to store candidate and result words. Ruby-wg can be used to generate a wordlist for John the Ripper or pyrit (which is opensource but you should pay for the wordlist files).

ruby-wg is scalable: you can run one or more concurrent “wg.rb run” processes, also from different servers/workstations: in this way the speed will increase with the number of concurrent processes…

ruby-wg is reliable: the processes “wg.rb run” run for at most “max_run_iterations”: when they finish, you can stop/start the Stomp servers and start the “wg.rb run” processes later without missing data and without restarting the wordlist generation from the beginning…

Go and download Ruby Wordlist Generator from ruby-wg repository


JMS web frontend:

JMS web frontend